Photo Scavenger Hunt

May is typically the time of year when we welcome the bike season with group rides, clinics and other activities. Unfortunately we won't be able to do that this year, but we would still like to encourage you to get out and go for a bike ride!

This is an ideal time to bike around Milton - it's a fun and healthy way to get out of the house, get some exercise and mentally recharge, all while easily maintaining "social distancing." Plus the road traffic is much lower than normal, making biking that much more pleasant.

Before you head out please heed these important points:
  • Follow all official restrictions and guidelines! The situation is changing rapidly - know before you go!
  • Only ride with members of your household. Don't meet up with other groups of riders.
  • The "social distance" guideline of 6 feet is for casual contact. If you are exercising (biking or jogging) you should double or triple that.
  • Wear a mask if you find yourself near other people. Even if you're not wearing one while riding bring one along with you, just in case.
  • The Neponset River Greenway is our area's crown jewel for walkers and bikers. Unfortunately that has led to overcrowding on the trail, and we recommend that it's best to avoid it for now. Fortunately Milton has hundreds of miles of quiet roads for you to explore instead!
  • Always wear your properly fitting helmet whenever you're on your bike.
  • Remember - bikes are traffic. Follow all traffic laws!
  • Before each ride make sure your bike is ready with an "ABC Quick Check" - Air in your tires; both Brakes are working; Cables and Chains rust-free and functioning; Quick release skewers snugged up in the "closed" position.
  • Be safe, and have fun!
If your bike needs a little love to get ready for the season several local bike shops are open as "essential businesses." Most require you to make an appointment to arrange drop off and pick up. Call first for all the details.

Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge

For some extra motivation to go for a bike ride, here's a scavenger hunt challenge for you. The idea is to ride your bike to each of these locations and take a picture, answer the question, then post it to our Facebook page. We will highlight some of your pictures for everyone to admire!

This is not a contest or a race... Take your time and enjoy yourself. Some spots are harder or longer to get to, so if you don't feel up to it no problem, just do the ones that catch your interest. And send us your own favorite spots - we'll post them for others to enjoy too! Some interesting bit of architecture, a garden you've always admired, that weird tree trunk that looks like a face - let us know, we'd love to bike to them too!

So, on with the challenge. Click on each photo for a bigger view.


This milage marker was installed in 1920 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of what historic event that happened 37 miles away? (And yes, the 400th anniversary is this year!)


This "centrally" located pond is occasionally inhabited by a robotic swan which provides scientific data to the students at the nearby school. Which pond is this?

This fierce eagle guards Milton's government. It is dedicated in memory of the veterans of which war?


This beautiful stone carriage house is the entrance to which Milton estate?


This bell commemorates Milton's fire fighters. What year was it cast?

On the eastern edge of Milton, there has been a bridge at this location since the mid-1700's, long before cars or even bikes were invented! The other side of the bridge is now the City of Boston, but what town was it originally?

This "frog" is a relic from the first railroad in the United States. What was the main product hauled by the railroad?

This pond off Blue Hills Parkway was once the scene of an annual winter harvest of an item important to kitchens throughout the area. What was harvested here?


In 1774 a draft of what became the Declaration of Independence was written and signed in this house. At the time the house was located somewhere else in Milton, then moved here to preserve its history. Where was it originally located?


Give the dog a bone... This statue is at what "spicy" college?


This popular spot for residents to cool off in the summer is more properly called a "pond" instead of a "pool"... Why is that?


This tiny building performed what important function during the war of 1812?


There have been dams at this location along the Neponset River for hundreds of years. A mill here produced what delicious treat?


After making his fortune in the China trade this sea captain built this mansion on a hill for his family. Who was he?


This overlook has an excellent view of Boston. As a bonus the road is currently closed to cars, giving you plenty of space to ride up (it's a big hill!) and down. It is named after which Native American sachem?


This new playground at Shield's Park is in a neighborhood named after what flower?

(Like all Milton playgrounds this one is closed - please respect this! But you can check it out now for a future play date!)
Bonus spot!

You probably know where this spot is, but it's an extremely challenging bike ride to get there! This observatory was been continuously observing what since 1884?

Bonus spot for later!

Please note: this spot is along the Neponset River Greenway. Due to the crowded nature of this trail we recommend waiting to visit when social distancing is not required.

This section of the Neponset River provided a bountiful harvest for early Native Americans - hence the name of the bridge.