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Projects 2017

Edge Hill Road
April 24, 2017:
   Milton DPW is drawing up plans to resurface Edge Hill Road between Pleasant Street and Waldeck Road.  Tentative plans include a re-configured crosswalk with curb bump-outs for better visibility and high visibility signal lights, and (door zone) bike lanes for most of the length of the project.  For more information, please visit the Town website:

Truman Parkway / Brush Hill Road
April 20, 2017:
Truman Pkwy meeting
   After three fatalities on the state portion of Brush Hill Road last year, we've pressed our representatives for safety improvements there and on Truman Parkway. At a recent meeting, DCR revealed that their plans call for the installation of radar speed signs this summer, and later this year they will try to find money to put in new crosswalks and curb bumpouts so people can better see oncoming cars and safely cross the road. Long term, the agency will look at safety improvements to the Truman / Brush Hill / Amor intersection, and the possibility of eliminating a travel lane in each direction to discourage speeding and unsafe passing, to make room for a northbound bike lane, and to improve sight lines for people on side streets. If you want to see these changes happen, please let Senator Timilty and Representative Driscoll know!
   We have heard that part of Truman Parkway will be re-surfaced this year, after utility work is completed.  We do not have details for locations and project limits (endpoints) yet.

Granite Avenue Road Safety Audit
April 5, 2017
   The intersection of Granite Ave and I-93 was recently listed as the third-most-crash-prone in the state.  We participated in a road safety audit to evaluate the area and look at potential for future improvements.
  • Short term recommendations: Paint merge areas to ensure more room for ramp merges and provide space for bicycle transition areas across ramps.
  • Long term recommendations: Reconfigure ramps to 90° angles, install signals, add sidewalks and a multi-use path (connecting to the Neponset Greenway). Subject to state funding.

Neponset River Greenway Extension
April 5, 2017
   The trail between Central Ave and Blue Hill Ave has a few remaining work items. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony is supposed to be in June, but the soft opening should happen a couple weeks before then.

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