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Bicycle Master Plan

The Bicycle Advisory Committee has prepared recommendations for a bicycle master plan for the town's Master Plan Committee to adopt.

Our vision includes:

Engineering improvements, for better infrastructure
- Bike lanes, sharrows, 4-foot shoulders, multi-use paths wherever they can be installed
- Safety improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists at all major intersections
- Completion of the Neponset Greenway, which may serve as a branch of the East Coast Greenway in the future
- Extend the town's trail network
- Improve connections to neighboring communities
- Add bike racks at playgrounds and parks, and add bike lockers at the neighboring Mattapan and Fairmount stations which serve Milton commuters
- Require utility projects to include bike/ped infrastructure

Educational improvements,
- Continuation of the Safe Routes to Schools program, which recently awarded the Town a new crosswalk at Glover Elementary (2015 construction)
- Improved adult bicycle education and driver education for bicycle safety

- We continue our cross-promotion of local events, and have organized more of our own rides.  We have collaborated with neighboring organizations to support Milton bike rides, including Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition's Vigorous Youths rides, and also are planning mountain biking events with NEMBA.

- The Milton Police Department has its own bicycle safety programs, which include helmet giveaways.  They also respond to and follow through on harassment and crash incidents.
- We are applying for grants for bike lights, and planning a campaign to give away lights for better night safety.

Evaluation and Planning
- This year we've implemented a traffic counting program, which shows where people are and are not biking, as well as how many of each gender and also minority biking rates. This shows areas where bike infrastructure needs improvements, and also highlights that less than 20% of local riders are female.
- Zoning: Business and larger residential complexes should be required to include bicycle facilities

For more information, download the proposed Milton Bicycle Master Plan.
Bike Milton,
Nov 30, 2017, 6:36 PM