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Bicycle Friendly Community 2018

Dear Bike Friends,

Four years ago Milton was designated a Bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB).  The award expires after four years, to encourage communities to make improvements and apply to upgrade.  Well, Milton re-applied this year and we hope to upgrade to a Silver level or better.  The LAB is reviewing our application, and they could use some help from local bicyclists like you, who are familiar with bicycling conditions in Milton.

We ask you to fill out this survey.  It has about 18 questions (listed at the bottom of the page for you to preview) and should take about fifteen or twenty minutes to fill out.  The survey will remain open through Sunday, September 23, and award results will be announced in November.

For reference, you can compare Milton to other local Bicycle Friendly Communities:
  • Cambridge
  • Somerville
  • Boston
  • Nantucket
  • Provincetown
  • Brookline
  • Newton
  • Lexington
  • Arlington
  • Northampton
  • Falmouth

And for additional reference, below we are including slides describing some of Milton’s recent improvements and other characteristics that we think help make Milton a Bicycle Friendly Community.

Thank you for your time and assistance.  As always, please reach out to us to suggest future improvements by email at info at via Facebook or Twitter.

Sincerely, the Milton Bicycle Advisory Committee

Bicycle Friendly Milton slides:
(click on image to enlarge)


Survey Questions:

For reference only; please fill out the survey online here:

1. First, let's identify the community you are reviewing. In what State is this community located?

2. Please indicate the community you are reviewing.
Milton, MA
Nantucket, MA
Waltham, MA

3. Which of the following options best describe your connection to this community? (Select all that apply.)
I live in this community.
I live in a neighboring community.
I visit this community often, but do not live there.
I work or attend school in this community.
I am actively involved in local bike advocacy within this community.
I am actively involved in bike advocacy in the state or region where this community is located. Other (please specify)

Advocate-Only Feedback
4. Please describe your involvement in local bike advocacy in this community. (Select all that apply.)
I work for a local bike advocacy organization
I volunteer for a local bike advocacy organization (e.g. serve on the board, volunteer as a bike ambassador, etc.)
I am an active member of a local bike advocacy organization (e.g. attend meetings, etc.)
I work for a state or larger regional advocacy organization

5. Thinking about the past 30 days, about how many of those days did you ride a bicycle?

6. If you rode a bicycle at least once in the past 30 days, what was the main purpose of the last trip you took on a bicycle?
Exercise/for health
Personal errands
Visit a friend or relative
Commuting to/from work
Commuting to/from school

7. In the past five years, have you received any training in bicycling safety in this community?

8. Are bike paths (that is, paths away from the road on which bikes can travel) available within a quarter mile of where you live?
NA, I do not live in this community

9. Are bike lanes (that is, marked lanes on a public road reserved for bikes to travel) available within a quarter mile of where you live?
NA, I do not live in this community

10. How satisfied are you with how this community is designed for making bike
riding safe?
Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Neither satisfied or dissatisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied
Very Dissatisfied

11. What is the number one change you would most like to see the local government make in this community for bicyclists?
Increase/improve bike parking More bike lanes
Increase education for bicyclists Increase education for drivers

12. Is it safe or dangerous to ride a bicycle in your neighborhood, or does it depend?
It depends
If you answered "dangerous" or "it depends" above, what is the TOP reason you feel it is dangerous to ride a bicycle in your neighborhood?

13. If you answered "dangerous" or "it depends" above, what is the TOP reason you feel it is dangerous to ride a bicycle in your neighborhood?
Distracted drivers/riders
Drivers/riders don't obey traffic laws
Fast Moving Traffic
No/few bike lanes or bike paths

14. What specifically should the community do to become more bicycle-friendly?
Please share your top 1-3 recommendations for the community to improve.

15. Please share the top 1-3 specific hazards or barriers to cycling that you are aware of that should be addressed immediately. e.g. an unsafe road/ intersection, lack of secure bike parking at a specific popular destination, and harsh enforcement practices, etc.

16. Please share up to 3 current community efforts that are deserving of praise.

17. If you have other comments or feedback that you would like the community to receive regarding their Bicycle Friendly Community status, please describe below.

Your contact information will not be shared with the community or sold to any third parties. Your survey responses will remain anonymous.
18. Name
19. Email Address
20. Organization (optional)

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